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    Polish Bureau of Investigation seized heroin worth 60 million zloty

    During today’s press conference, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki revealed that Polish services prevented the smuggling of heroin worth over 60 million zloty. He thanked the officers of the Central Investigation Bureau of the Police, Border Guard and the National Tax Administration, who all took part in this operation.

    At the press conference, the Polish Prime Minister stated:

    “We have another great success. A great success of Polish officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation, the police, and the national tax administration in thwarting the smuggling of heroin. We would like to especially thank all the officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation, border guards, all those who not only defend Polish borders against smuggling, but above all defend Poles against evil. Because heroin is evil. It is not only its monetary value that the evildoers could use for their criminal activities in the territory of Poland. A huge value, a value above 60 million zł. But it is primarily human tears, suffering, our health and our lives”. 

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