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    No state of emergency in Poland so far

    The number of coronavirus infections in Poland is increasing, with the latest data confirming 68 cases. President Andrzej Duda said today that there is no government plan to introduce a state of emergency in Poland, adding that this plan is not being considered at this point in time.


    “I heard a rumor today about the alleged implementation of a state of emergency in Poland. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no such proposal from the Council of Ministers, it is not even in consideration at this point in time. Of course, the situation is changing from minute to minute and perhaps in a few days it will be completely different, but today there is no such discussion. First of all, I want to say that the increase in the number of infections from yesterday to today is lower than expected. Yesterday evening there were 51 cases, today there are over 60, but this is much less than was expected. So please stay calm, we are doing everything possible to control this situation”, stated president Andrzej Duda. 


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