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    The Polish National Foundation finances the purchase of diagnostic equipment, means of personal protection and ambulance for hospitals

    Polish National Foundation, guided by the social responsibility of the organisation and acting in the face of a situation requiring the integration of the objectives and resources of public and commercial entities, and NGOs, intensively supports hospitals, aiming to reduce the effects of the crisis arising from the threat of the coronavirus epidemic to the health and lives of Poles.

    We immediately transferred funds for the current, urgent needs of 5 hospitals indicated in full coordination with the Ministry of Health. It is essential, that the support from the Polish National Foundation proves to be not only in line with the logic of a wide spectrum of taken actions, but also that it has a very real impact on strengthening diagnostic and treatment activities in medical facilities in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and Podlasie – said the president of PFN, Dr. Marcin Zarzecki.

    The Polish National Foundation has donated funds for diagnostic equipment to fight the coronavirus: cardiomonitors, defibrillators, infusion pumps, AMBU devices, lucas for resuscitation, carts for patients, anaesthesiological carts, cardiological chair, chamber for transport of infectious patients, enteral feeding pump, blood pressure monitors, electronic stethoscopes, pressure measuring instruments, infrared and non-contact thermometers.

    Dedicated financial resources will allow hospitals to provide skin and surface disinfectants, and direct protection measures: over twenty thousand surgical and filtering masks, several thousand protective gloves, reinforced surgical aprons, protective goggles, helmets, surgical caps, overalls, safety goggles and shoe protectors.

    In addition, the Polish National Foundation financed the purchase of “A2” transport ambulance for dialysis, which will be used in an infectious hospital in Mazowsze.

    As part of the support given to the Children’s Health Centre in Warsaw, the purchase of a laminar chamber was financed as well as an automatic pipetting station multiplying the capability of running diagnostic tests.

    There is no better form of initiative than engaging in effective rescue of human lives. Only cooperation with the Ministry of Health, with hospitals whose staff struggle every day in in the face of the greatest challenge of the coronavirus epidemic, can bear good fruit – added Michał Góras, a member of the PFN Board.

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