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    Easter wishes from Tomasz Sakiewicz

    In these difficult times, we have to celebrate Easter in isolation, away from our relatives, This does not, however, mean that we cannot enjoy this unique holiday. Here is a special Easter message for our viewers from the deputy CEO of Telewizja Republika, Tomasz Sakiewicz.

    “Dear readers of Gazeta Polska and viewers of Telewizja Republika, I want to convey this message this way, the only possible way in today’s reality – you have my most sincere wishes. I wish you all God’s grace, faith, hope and most of all love for Poland. (FLASH 1:34) We are united by Poland. We are united by the belief that Poland’s future is one of the most important goals of our activities, as well as the service of truth. These goals are very Christian, they often mean that we are serving other people and the truth. We are in the service of our national community. Many of you might be losing your spirit, as we are celebrating this holiday in isolation, away from our families. It is difficult for us, and for many it is very difficult. But let us think about how difficult it was two thousand years ago. The apostles stayed in their homes, without their Master, fearful of repression and death. If their Master were killed, they could have faced the same fate. The fear was so great that the most important apostle three times denied his Lord. They were scared and sitting in isolation and the Lord came to them anyway with hope, faith and salvation. If He had not come, they would probably have stayed in isolation. We are freed from our enclosure by our faith in what we do, in our service to other people, to Poland, and to the truth. Happy Easter and many blessings!”


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