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    No crowds in the forests after they were re-opened to the public

    On the first day of opening the forests in Poland, no crowds were noted, but visitors appeared, which could be seen, among others, according to the number of cars in parking lots, spokeswoman of the State Forests Anna Malinowska said.

    Malinowska added that the Forest Guard imposed a dozen or so fines for lighting fires. From Monday, April 20, everyone can freely visit the forests again, including those managed by the State Forests. The Council of Ministers lifted the previously binding ban on the use of forest areas, including state forests and national parks. In the forest, there is no obligation to use a mask or cover your mouth and nose in any other way. Malinowska indicated that in the forest there is no obligation to wear masks, but we must use them when being in the forest parking lot or parking space. “You still can’t use shelters, camping sites, forest gyms, playgrounds, towers or viewing terraces. We should keep adequate distance from other people, avoid grouping”. the spokeswoman of the State Forests said. She added that forest areas are patrolled daily by foresters. The State Forests remind that when going on a trip to the forest, everyone should remember about fire hazards.


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