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    All-postal elections most likely to take place on May 10th after all

    The date of the Polish presidential elections will likely be decided next week. In the meantime, logistic preparations for absentee ballot elections are underway, in which the Polish Postal Service is to play a key role.

    Despite the opposition’s demands for the government to declare a state of national disaster in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the ruling Law and Justice party, demands the presidential elections be held according to the date set based on the Polish constitution in the form of 100% absentee ballot vote, by means of the Polish Postal Service. The bill regulating this form of elections is now being debated by the Senate, and is to return to the Sejm momentarily.


    “I am absolutely convinced that the Polish Postal Service, an experienced trading company, which delivers hundreds of millions of pieces of mail to all households in Poland every month, is going to rise to the occasion and meet the demands of mail delivery in connection with the upcoming elections. I know it because I used to be a member of the governing board of that company and I am familiar with the high level of professionalism of our postal workers. I am certain that those elections are going to be safe, as the absentee ballot elections are the most safe in the time of the global pandemic we are now faced with. We must keep in mind that the Polish constitution requires that the elections for the new president of Poland be held on or before May 23, 2020”, stated Janusz Kowalski, the deputy Minister of Government Assets.


    According to the statement by Law and Justice spokesman Jarosław Fogiel, we are faced with two choices: either conduct the absentee ballot elections on May 10, 2020, or meet on May 10, 2020, by ballot boxes. According to the government, the form of the absentee ballot election is the safest form for Poles and at the same time will allow to maintain the constitutional order in Poland.


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