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    Polish companies received nearly PLN 10 billion in assistance from the state

    Over PLN 9.76 billion went to Polish companies as part of assistance from the so-called anti-crisis shield, the labour ministry announced today. A significant part of the funds was allocated to the protection of jobs and granting micro-loans to companies.

    The latest data from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy shows that companies have already been granted 611 802 micro-loans for a total amount of almost PLN 3.05 billion. However, over PLN 3.09 billion was allocated to the protection of jobs from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund. As part of the so-called anti-crisis shield, almost PLN 770 million was also paid to co-finance part of the employee remuneration costs and part of the costs of running a business by persons not having employees. The cost of exemptions from Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) contributions from March to May amounted to PLN 1.6 billion. According to the data from the family and labor ministry, over PLN 9.76 billion was donated to companies as part of the shield.


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