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    No mass gatherings for a longer period of time

    Despite recent speculation, according to Łukasz Szumowski, Polish Minister of Health, and Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of Interior and Administration, the restrictions regarding public gatherings are not expected to be lifted in the near future.

    “Recently, there have been a few situations where the restrictions regarding public gatherings were broken. It doesn’t matter who wanted to protest, we only want to know their slogans. This is important for us. Ladies and gentlemen, we can say ‘to a willing person, injury is not done’. The people who participated in those gatherings are adults, who put themselves in danger, which is coronavirus. As a government, we are responsible for the health and safety of our citizens”, stated Mariusz Kamiński, the Minister of Interior and Administration.

    “Organizing public gatherings, concerts, or large parties – it all means a huge risk for the participants. Of course, we want Poland to get back to normality, and we want to continue the process of unfreezing our economy. That is why the continuation of restrictions is in the interests of all of us, including the businessmen. When can we start unfreezing other sectors of our economy? It all depends on the infection growth rate”, added the Minister of Health, Łukasz Szumowski.



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