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    President Duda honours General Kościuszko in Maciejowice

    Maciejowice is a historic town where general Tadeusz Kościuszko, hero of the American war of Independence, fought his last battle for the freedom of Poland. Three horses were shot from under him and a Cossack stabbed him with a pike from behind. After this battle Kościuszko was imprisoned. In his first public appearance since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, President Andrzej Duda spoke to the citizens of the town of Maciejowice.

    “The inhabitants of the city of Maciejowice witnessed this great battle which Tadeusz Kościuszko, and his brothers in arms, insurgents, lost. Then, Poland was under occupation for over a 100 years. These times were very difficult for Poles, because we didn’t have our own state, but we were always able to get through the hard times in our history, thanks to our optimism, Christian faith, and our fortitude. I am happy to hear these positive words, I’m happy to hear that we’re back. These words show that everything I mentioned earlier has survived over generations, and that we still have the same values.

    Today in Lechpol, I heard that we have succeeded in saving the workplaces in our country, thanks to the anti-crisis shield that I’ve created together with the Polish government, of course in consultation with the businessmen. We had some time off but now the company is getting back to its normal production and distribution cycles. I hope that the same is going to happen in the rest of the country. I hope that every company will get back to work, and that they will be able to continue their expansion on international markets”, stated the Polish head of state in Maciejowice.


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