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    Brazilian President Bolsonaro threatens to cut ties with the World Health Organisation

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has become the next world leader to declare that his government is considering whether or not to leave the World Health Organization after its questionable handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro cited the US decision to withdraw late last month. President Donald Trump said at the end of May the US would be “terminating” its relationship with the WHO. He accused the UN agency of failing to enact reforms in the face of US concerns over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and that it put too much faith in information from China. President Bolsonaro pointed to the WHO’s decision to resume testing of hydroxychloroquine on Covid-19 patients, after trials were suspended the previous week.

    “The World Health Organisation backed down. U.S. President Donald Trump cut money to them and they went back on everything. I am moving forward on this, The United States left the WHO and we are studying this for the future. Either the WHO works with ideological impartiality or we are also out. We don’t need outsiders weighing in on health here”, stated President Bolsonaro.

    Meanwhile, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has slammed the Brazilian president saying that he has failed in tackling the pandemic.

    “The Bolsonaro government has definitely failed in tackling the coronavirus pandemic as many other governments have also done”, commented Thunberg.

    Bolsonaro and Thunberg have a tense relationship, after he called her “Pirralha”, or brat in Portuguese.

    During a visit to a hospital President Bolsonaro commented on the protesters from the far-left who demonstrated against him last weekend. Demonstrations which, despite the Antifa violence seen, were called “pro-democratic” by mainstream media.

    “Generally speaking they are outcasts, terrorists, potheads, the unemployed who don’t know anything about the economy nor working to put bread on the table. They want to bankrupt Brazil in the name of democracy, they don’t have any idea”, said the Brazilian head of state.

    The President is currently locked in a conflict with the parliament and Supreme Court who wish to impeach him.


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