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    13-Year-Old Gives Birth During School Trip

    In a startling incident at a holiday resort in Zator, a 13-year-old girl gave birth to a baby while on a school trip. The news was confirmed by Małgorzata Jurecka, the spokesperson for the Oświęcim police. Both the young mother and her newborn were immediately attended to by emergency responders and subsequently transported to the hospital for further care.

    The birth took place late Wednesday evening in a bathroom at the resort. The girl, hailing from the Mazowieckie province, was under the supervision of her teachers, who promptly alerted emergency services following the unexpected delivery.

    Jurecka stated, “She was on a school trip under the care of teachers who notified the emergency services.”

    A police investigation has been launched to determine the circumstances leading to this situation, focusing on potential sexual relations with a minor under 15. The case materials will be forwarded to a police unit in the Mazowieckie region for further action.

    The spokesperson also highlighted the severe legal repercussions for adults involved in such cases, with potential prison sentences ranging from 2 to 12 years. If the perpetrator is under 17, they will face proceedings in juvenile court.

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