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    Polish prosecution begins investigating the accident of the Polish coach in Hungary

    The Bielsko-Biała Południe District Prosecutor’s Office started an investigation into the accident of the Polish coach in Hungary. Polish investigators are conducting the case parallel with the Hungarian law enforcement agencies. It is up to the Hungarians whether they will transfer the investigation to Poland.

    On Sunday, around 6 a.m. on the M5 motorway near the town of Kiskunfélegyháza in the south of Hungary, an accident of a coach carrying Polish tourists from Bulgaria back to the country occurred. There were 46 people in the bus, including two drivers. One of the passengers was killed on the spot, and three were more seriously injured. The case was investigated by the prosecutor’s office from Bielsko, because the company organizing the trip is located in this city. It depends on the decision of the Hungarians whether the proceedings will be transferred to Poland or will be conducted in Hungary in its entirety. On Monday before noon, the services of the Silesian voivode announced that most of the coach passengers were still in hospitals undergoing medical examinations. Those who, by the decision of doctors, can leave the hospitals are transported to the hotel, where the tour operator’s coaches are waiting. 


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