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    #PolandDaily twitter account blocked!

     As you may have noticed, the Poland Daily twitter account #PolandDaily has been blocked. We don’t know the reason for that action nor have we had any similar issues in the past. For the time being, we are not aware of any potential breach of Twitter rules and guidelines nor breaking of any other law in Poland or elsewhere in the World on our part.

    The Poland Daily team is puzzled and confused as a result of this incident.

    Several of our readers suggested a possible connection to the story that runs on the hateful extreme-left website OKO PRESS by @Anna_Mierzynska. Her piece is titled: “#MEGAgate. An international Islamophobic group wants to influence Poland. We reveal the connections” 

    In her text, “journalist” Anna Mierzyńska made up an organized international group, took to Twitter to gather the alleged “members” of it and later provided phoney “proof” of her claims consisting solely of baseless accusations and screenshots taken from Twitter.  

    Normally we would refrain from publishing such nonsense, however in this case we feel obliged to provide you with a taste of this “investigative journalism”:

    “Members of this group, including those accused by the American and British media of racism, even of neo-Nazism, some with convictions, visit our country, shoot films in our country, conduct interviews, take photos of themselves in the Polish parliament. Most often they come to the nationalist Independence March.

    The group, operating from the USA to Brazil and Australia, is associated with Steve Bannon and conservative US multi-billionaires. She supported Donald Trump in the 2016 campaign, and she is also supporting him now, especially online. It will undoubtedly have an impact on the course of the US presidential campaign this year.”

    Now you know how great of a crime is unveiled by Anna Mierzyńska!  If you fancy, the second part of this fairytale is to be found here:


    We noticed that Matthew Tyrmand was said to be part of this “international clan”. Born in Brooklyn N.J., he is the son of one of Poland’s greatest ever  writers. And so, we ask the question: If this is not anti-semitism, what is?

    Pure and simple: a known antisemite Anna Mierzyńska of OKO Press accuses Matthew Tyrmand of international conspiracy?


    When will this lunacy end?




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