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    Ruling coalition without minister Ziobro?

    The meeting of the heads of the Law and Justice party about the governing coalition lasted over 3 hours. According to media reports, the resignation of Zbigniew Ziobro from his position as Minister of Justice has not yet been decided. Other sources suggest there will be a direct conversation between Jarosław Kaczyński and the leader of United Poland, during which Ziobro will be acquainted with conditions for the coalition’s future.

    The meeting at Nowogrodzka street came to an end at 4 p.m. There were several variants on the table: a minority government, early parliamentary elections in which the Law and Justice party would take part independently, as well as an agreement between Ziobro and Gowin.

    “The United Right is good, and the United Right Coalition has brought many good things to Poland, many positive changes in various areas. We are not perfect, but we are much better than those who were before us. I am convinced that this is a project with a great future ahead of it and it can do a lot of good for Poland, so that Poles can live better, and so that Poland can develop.” said the Attorney General, Zbigniew Ziobro.

    “The minister has clearly backed down. He says he is able to talk about the so-called “impunity act” and the animal rights protection act. I think it is a clear signal that Zbigniew Ziobro wants to remain in the coalition.” commented Andrzej Rozenek from the Left party.

    President Andrzej Duda is also concerned about the situation in the ruling coalition. 

    “During the presidential campaign, the United Right Party promised Poles peace and stability. Above all, you must take the voters into account. They received a very clear message from the United Right that Andrzej Duda’s victory will be followed by peace and stability. Instead, we experience a concert of wishes of the smaller coalition partners, which is unacceptable, because first of all we must provide the voters with what was promised. The President would expect the parties of the ruling coalition to remember this.” stated Krzysztof Szczerski, the chief of the president’s cabinet in an interview for Polish Radio.

    According to most commentators, the turning point of the crisis in the United Right will be the matter of the next few days.



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