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    The most crucial Polish Travel Awards – Kolos

    At the end of 22nd Nationwide Meetings of Travelers, Sailors and Mountaineers, on Saturday in Gdynia laureates of the most important Polish Travel Award – Kolos were announced. The awards were for the most curious achievements in 2019. Ryszard Pawłowski got the ‘Super Kolos’.

    This year’s Nationwide Meetings of Travelers, Sailors and Mountaineers had to be in the middle of March. During the three days of the event, guests listen and watch reports from more than one hundred journeys. In the end, the prizes are awarded. Due to the pandemic, the event was cancelled. 


    Organizers decided to make an event online on the 3rd of October. Thanks to that, viewers might watch 16 free of charge lectures about journeys. In the evening, there was the gala and the awards ceremony. 


    The laureate of the most important award of the event – the Super Kolos was Ryszard Pawłowski for overall activity. According to the organizers, ‘Pawłowski went for eight-thousanders eleven times, in these five times the Mount Everest’. 


    Koloses are the first Polish Travel Awards. Their history began in March 2000. Besides Koloses, there is also one Super Kolos for the overall activity or outstanding team achievements. The first edition of the Koloses was in March 2000 in the undergrounds of the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Since 2002, Koloses are handed during Nationwide Meeting of Travelers, Sailors and Mountaineers in Gdynia. This is the biggest travel festival in Europe. 


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