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    Attorney Roman Giertych detained by CBA by order of Poznan’s prosecution

    Roman Giertych was detained by the Central Anticorruption Bureau (CBA). The searching of Giertych’s house is still in process. The officers acted by order of Poznan’s Prosecution. The CBA’s officers detained businessman Ryszard K. and attorney Roman G.

    The counsellor’s daughter informed about the case in social media. 


    ‘Today, Roman Giertych, my father, was detained by CBA. The searching for our house is in process. I will inform you. Respectfully Marta Giertych’


    The information was also confirmed by Stanisław Żaryn, the spokesman of the Minister Coordinator of Special Services: ‘CBA detained businessman Ryszard K, attorney Roman G and others which are suspected in the investigation concerning the actions on the detriment of the listed company. Details soon’



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