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    16th Annual Onkobieg: Running Together for a Healthier Tomorrow

    The 16th edition of Onkobieg, an annual charity run, saw 2,500 participants covering 25,477 kilometers, raising 587,000 PLN for cancer patients and prevention.

    On September 10th, in a show of solidarity with cancer patients and their families, Poles and participants from around the world came together for the 16th edition of “Onkobieg – Running Together for Health.” Organized by the Sarcoma Cancer Patients’ Aid Association since 2008, this event has consistently made a significant impact.

    The symbolic run took place at the National Oncology Institute in Warsaw, where 1,500 runners gathered, while another 1,000 joined virtually from across Poland. Together, they covered an impressive 25,477 kilometers, raising a record-breaking 587,000 PLN. These funds will support cancer patients and promote cancer prevention.

    The event kicked off with a warm-up led by footballer Jarosław Bieniuk and was inaugurated by district mayors Robert Kempa and Rafał Miastowski. The motto, “Running Together for Health,” resonated as participants shared their journey on social media using #Onkobieg.

    This year, the event expanded its reach beyond Warsaw, thanks to the Dolnośląskie Cancer Center and Powiatowy Hospital in Starachowice, organizing runs in their regions.

    Onkobieg not only promoted physical activity but also offered free preventive health check-ups, including skin examinations and blood pressure checks. The event aimed to raise awareness about cancer prevention, bringing together doctors, sports specialists, patients, and patient organizations.

    The heart of Onkobieg was its community spirit, with participants of all ages, including children, getting involved. The event also featured culinary delights, musical performances, and various entertainment options.

    As the 16th Onkobieg drew to a close, Ewa Styś, a member of the Sarcoma Cancer Patients’ Aid Association, expressed gratitude to all participants and wished a speedy recovery to those who couldn’t join due to treatment, looking forward to another successful Onkobieg next year.

    Watch the event on YouTube | Onkobieg on Facebook

    The 16th Onkobieg demonstrated the power of unity and solidarity in the fight against cancer, leaving a lasting impact on participants and patients alike.

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