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    16th European Economic Congress Achieves Record Satisfaction and Media Buzz

    The 16th European Economic Congress (EEC) has surpassed all previous editions in terms of participant satisfaction, media interest, and event scale. Held from May 7-9 in Katowice, the Congress welcomed 12,000 in-person attendees and 5,000 online viewers. With over 1,200 speakers and nearly 180 thematic sessions, the event drew support from almost 270 partners and sponsors.

    Impressive Survey Results

    According to a report by BCMM – Badania Marketingowe, the Congress achieved the highest satisfaction levels in its history. Satisfaction was recorded at 89% among attendees, 95% among panelists, and 92% among partners. Additionally, 93% of attendees and 90% of panelists expressed interest in next year’s event.

    Notable opening speeches by Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Ursula von der Leyen highlighted the event. Media coverage reached a record equivalent of 185 million PLN, with over 45,000 publications. The Congress accredited over 650 journalists from 170 media outlets and had 60 media patrons.

    Technically ambitious, the event featured 200 m² of LED screens, 200 wireless microphones, 40 cameras, and 800 lighting devices. Networking opportunities were highly valued, scoring 8.2 points for fostering valuable business contacts.

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