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    The advertising tax already exists in many European countries

    Many European countries have recently introduced the so-called digital taxes, which covers various forms of internet activity, including online advertising. The tax rate is 2 percent in Great Britain, 3 percent in France, Italy and Spain, 5 percent in Austria. The tax applies to companies whose global and domestic revenues exceed a certain threshold.

    The process of introducing a tax on advertising has started in Poland. Some private media oppose it.

    In July 2019, the French parliament adopted a 3 percent tax on the turnover of multinational technology companies with global revenues exceeding EUR 750 million per year and revenues in France above EUR 25 million per year. The tax is known as the GAFA tax, on the names of Google, Amazaon, Facebook, Apple, because it mainly concerns American companies. Includes revenues, incl. from online advertising or selling data of users of social networking sites for advertising purposes.

    In the United Kingdom, from the beginning of this financial year, that is. April 1, 2020, the Digital Services Tax, which was imposed on search engines, social networking sites and online marketplaces, also covers advertising revenue in networks.

    In Spain, from January 1, 2021, there is a tax on “specific digital services” commonly known as the Google Tax. It amounts to 3 percent of the value of, among others Internet advertising revenue.



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