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    2024: Commemorating Polish Anniversaries and Milestones – April

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    Explore Poland’s rich history in 2024, from the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising to the centennial celebrations of notable figures like Antoni Baraniak, Marek Hłasko, and Wincenty Witos. Immerse yourself in pivotal political, cultural, and societal events, honoring the legacy of these individuals and the nation’s accomplishments.


    35 years ago, on April 5, 1989, the Round Table Agreements were signed, envisioning, among other things, the organization of partially free elections, the legalization of “Solidarity,” and the establishment of the office of the President of the People’s Republic of Poland.

    160 years ago, on the night of April 10 to 11, 1864, as a result of denunciation, the Russian gendarmerie arrested the leader of the January Uprising, Romuald Traugutt, in his Warsaw headquarters. Initially, he was imprisoned at Pawiak, and later transferred to the X Pavilion of the Warsaw Citadel. In July 1864, he was sentenced to death.

    100 years ago, on April 14, 1924, President Stanisław Wojciechowski issued a regulation changing the monetary system. It established, among other things, the exchange rate of the Polish mark to the new currency – the złoty: 1.8 million Polish marks for 1 złoty. On April 29, the złoty, issued by the new Bank of Poland, became the new Polish currency.

    90 years ago, on April 29, 1934, at Warsaw’s Okęcie, with the participation of President Ignacy Mościcki, the passenger terminal for civilian airlines was opened, taking over the traffic from the Mokotów airport.

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