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    Illegal 'corona party' in Zakopane

    Zakopane is a picturesque Polish town in the Tatra mountains. As with many other places, tourism is its primary industry. Last weekend was first time since the pandemic began that saw hotel restrictions lifted. Owners and guests were all delighted. However, the so-called corona party on the streets of Zakopane jeopardised the opening process.


    Thousands of people who carelessly danced and sang on the streets of town might have lots of fun after many long months of coronavirus lockdown, but the pandemic is far from over, and such behaviour might cause a spike in infections. Police intervened over 130 times, arresting people who broke the restrictions. There were also a few fights. A Zakopane city council member described the situation:

    “In Zakopane and in the Podhale region we got tens of thousands of guests this weekend. This group on Krupówki street was perhaps 300 people strong. I must stress that owners who would open their restaurants would pay maximum attention to protection against coronavirus infection.” said Jan Gluc, the chairman of the council.

    “We will see the effect in a week or even sooner. If we see an upward bounce we can attribute it to these events, and it will not be a local phenomenon. These people are tourists, and they could return to their homes possibly with coronavirus infections that could spread to others.” commented Adam Niedzielski, the minister of health. 

    For the time being, however, the government is hoping not to announce additional restrictions.



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