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    Poland with record-high foreign trade surplus

    Poland’s exports are equal to almost half its national GDP, and only a few countries can match this number. Poland ended 2020 with one of its highest trade surpluses ever, equal to 12 billion EURO. Polish foreign trade during the difficult pandemic year was almost equal to the previous, record-setting year of 2019.


    “This surplus was created by the grocery sector, but now statistics show other sectors taking part. It will be a significant factor in Poland’s recovery from the recession.” stated Marcin Roszkowski from the Jagiellonian Institute. 

    “Exports get us out of the Coronavirus hole, and we can see this through industrial production. 67-68 percent of exports are connected with industrial products. In the last months of 2020 we saw high production levels, even higher than in 2019 before the Coronavirus hit.” added economist Marek Zuber. 



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