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    The plane from Mielec offered to the US troops

    The M28 Skytruck turboprop, produced in Poland, was among the aircraft offered to US special forces. The information was officially confirmed by the Lockheed Martin corporation, which includes PZL Mielec (Aviation Plant in Mielec, Poland).

    “Lockheed Martin’s PZL Mielec has partnered with the US Sierra Nevada Corporation to offer a specially modified version of the M28 turboprop aircraft that meets the requirements of the US Special Operations Command in the program,” said Lockheed Martin’s communications director in Europe John Neilson.

    “We are honored that this special variant, called the MC-145B, was selected as one of the five aircraft in the final demonstration phase of this program. We believe that the MC-145B is the most versatile – mission-capable, most efficient, due to the possibility of arming and performing reconnaissance missions – and the most durable – two engines – solution for carrying out special operations tasks,” he added.

    The final presentation of the aircraft to the potential user is to take place in June and July this year.

    “Due to the upcoming presentations and the ongoing process, we are not able to provide any other information at this time,” Neilson reserved.



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