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    Puda on an act important for farmers: It is to restore dignity

    The draft law on the family farm is to restore the dignity of a farmer and dignity to family farms. Its main goal is to support small and medium-sized farms, said Minister of Agriculture Grzegorz Puda on Saturday at the debate “Polish Deal. From Farm to Fork” in Balice.

    The head of the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that one of the elements of the Polish Deal is the draft law on the family farm.

    “This is an act that is really meant to restore a certain dignity, the dignity of a farmer, and the dignity of a family farm, so that farmers can feel safe, that they are convinced that their activity in rural areas brings effects not only to them, their families, but also to all Poles and all consumers,” said Puda.

    As he said, this act is one of the tools that would help farmers in their work.

    “But also in the functioning of all those small and medium-sized farms that the Prime Minister talked about, that is, those farms to which, in fact, had been much more difficult for many years than the large farms,” stressed the Minister of Agriculture.



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