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    Polish mountain and medical rescuers are flying to Georgia

    Polish mountain rescuers and medical rescuers will fly from Krakow to Georgia on Saturday, where they will set up a base and an infirmary at the foot of the five-thousand-meter mountain – Kazbek. There, they will be on duty until September, assisting tourists in need and taking part in search and rescue operations.

    On Saturday, four rescuers will fly out on a military plane from the 8th Transport Aviation Base in Krakow. Together with a tonne of equipment, they will be on site after about six hours of flight, then a helicopter of Georgian rescuers will transport them to the area of ​​the future base.

    “As every year, the “Safe Kazbek” project consists of a seasonal on-call service of Polish mountain rescuers and medical rescuers near Kazbek – five thousand meters high mountain in Georgia. We will set up a rescue base and an infirmary at an altitude of 3653 m above sea level. It will be one of the highest located outpatient clinics in the world,” said the project coordinator Marcin Błeński.

    Poles will be on duty until September. In addition to search and rescue operations, they are to conduct preventive actions, inform about threats and provide medical services.



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