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    Prime Minister: “We're fixing the mistakes of the past”

    “We commit to fix the mistakes of the past and to seek the best possible solutions for farmers in a modern world full of many challenges,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, opening the debate “Polish Deal, From Field to Table”.

    “Bread is necessary, bread is indispensable – these are the words of John Paul II, who stated very clearly that we live thanks to farmers, thanks to the countryside, thanks to Polish countryside” – said the Prime Minister at the opening of the debate, which was organised at the Institute of Zootechnics in Balice, near Krakow.


    As the head of government said, “this is also an appreciation of the role of the countryside, but also our commitment at the same time”.


    “Commitment to fix the mistakes of the past (…) and to seek the best possible solutions for farmers in a modern world full of many challenges” – explained Morawiecki.


    The Prime Minister also stressed the “Law and Justice party understood very quickly the needs of the Polish countryside. And since the beginning of this century, the Law and Justice party has been an expression of these deepest needs of Polish agriculture”.


    The head of government pointed out that he is deeply convinced that the Polish countryside is not only “a seedbed of Polish culture, a depository of Polish culture and faith, but the Polish countryside is also a seedbed of modernity,” he said. 


    “This healthy understanding of modernity and the best proof of this is the great success of the Polish countryside, the Polish farmer in the international arena, especially in the EU,” stressed Morawiecki.


    Prime Minister announced that over 34 billion euros will go to Polish farmers in the new financial perspective.


    “This is about PLN 150 billion, which will go to direct support for farmers, to equalize payments per hectare to the EU average, but also to develop the Polish countryside” – said the Prime Minister, pointing to such projects as, among others, the small retention program and land reclamation, which are to help farmers protect themselves against future drought disasters. According to Morawiecki, the funds will also be able to be used to “develop machinery and infrastructure in the countryside”.


    Earlier during his visit to Malopolska, Morawiecki said that 20 important programs for farmers have been prepared in the “Polish Order”.


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