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    The Phenomenon of Polish Pottery from Bolesławiec

    Ceramics were one of the earliest forms of art in Central Europe, and – to a considerable extent – it started in the region of Lower Silesia, in Poland. The city where it began is called Bolesławiec, which to this day is known as the capital of Polish pottery (also called as the city of pottery). The first pottery makers were noted there in the 14th century.

    On your next trip to Poland, Bolesławiec is a MUST visit, and you should at least try to discover some of its biggest treasures. The selection of hand-made products on display is enormous, and every local store has a generous supply of products to be bought. It is recommended to plan at least a few hours’ trip to discover the pottery, as only looking at it is addictive and it takes time to take it all in! 


    One of the greatest contemporary Poles – Pope John Paul II – was fond of the little ceramic pieces from Bolesławiec. It is therefore no wonder that our president, Andrzej Duda, together with his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda decided to gift a beautiful set of the Bolesławiec pottery to Prince William and Princess Kate when they visited Poland a few years ago. 


    All authentic pottery products from Bolesławiec are embossed on the bottom with the “Hand made in Poland” designation, which underlines their originality and is a guarantee of superior craftsmanship.


    Today, most pieces from Bolesławiec are presented in the region’s trademark cream color, with colorful motifs or flowers in all different shapes. The most popular designs though are blue dots, abstract flowers, spots, or “windmills”. What makes the stoneware pieces even more special is the fact that many individual artists do their own work on the pottery pieces to make them unique and sought after. 


    A Ceramics Museum was established in the city of Bolesławiec some time ago, and city’s largest annual festival – the Bolesławiec Pottery Festival – which takes place on the third weekend of August, is always associated with this theme as well. It gathers tourists from all around the world.

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