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    Poland alerts the European Union on cyberattacks. It demands a debate on security

    On Friday, Poland handed over to the EU Member States, the European Commission and the Council a document on the details of cyberattacks carried out in recent days in the country.

    The information was also given to the ambassadors of the USA, Canada and Great Britain.

    In the document, Poland informs that it has become the target of a continuous campaign of cyberattacks focused against parliamentarians and the authorities.

    The Polish authorities also emphasize that since many EU countries are already under attack, and many of them may soon become targets, the EU should respond in a coordinated manner. Poland calls on the Council to hold a ministerial debate on how to respond to attacks in order to minimize the related threats.

    In the document, Poland also indicates that the operational and technical analysis carried out by Polish national cybersecurity incident response teams confirmed that the infrastructure used during cyberattacks and the manner of operation were the same as those used by entities sponsored by Russia.



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