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    The division most compatible with NATO

    The 18th Mechanized Division is the division with the highest ability to cooperate in NATO, its staff works according to procedures other than those of other Polish divisions, said the Commander of the 18th MD, Div. Gen. Jarosław Gromadziński.

    He stressed that in the next year’s exercise in Germany, the division will be subordinated to units of the United States forces. On Friday, the division obtained a certificate of readiness to operate to the full extent. Certification took place during the Dragon-21 exercise, the main practitioner of which was the youngest tactical union in the Polish army.

    “From the perspective of three years, I can say that we have managed to create a unique staff of the division. 200 officers and non-commissioned officers who came from many units and created a staff working according to procedures different than other Polish divisions. We are the most compatible with NATO,” said Div. Gen. Gromadziński.

    The division was established by the decision of the Minister of National Defense on September 5, 2018.

    “I was appointed the Commander of this division on September 17 and was its first soldier,” recalled General Gromadziński.

    He stressed that the division headquarters could not function without a command battalion, which was also built from the ground up.

    “That’s 550 soldiers, a very complicated structure that keeps the headquarters functioning,” he stressed.


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