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    Strategic investments of the New Order

    The Bank of the National Economy and the Prime Minister’s Chancellery are launching a Government Fund named “Polish Order: Strategic Investments Program”. The financial aid is designed to stimulate investment in regions all over Poland. Local governments will receive 95 percent of the non-returnable co-financing for, among others, water and sewerage infrastructure, modernization of heating plants to make them zero emission and waste management.

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki indicated that the program will provide assistance in overcoming the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

    “Only those who can think long-term,  who are able to plan ahead, can profit from crises.” commented the Polish PM. 

    The money that will go to local governments in the next few years will reach PLN 100 billion.

    “This is the “Polish Order” program, a program with great momentum, perspective, and enduring action. In the long term, the planned strategic investments will increase the productivity level of the entire Polish economy.” added Prime Minister Morawiecki. 

    Applications for financing may be submitted by all types of local government entities. The program covers 35 spheres of the economy, and local governments will decide where to allocate the funds.

    “They know what the most important investments are for them. We will be setting some priorities. Sewerage, water, heat and power plants, improvement of the quality of life of residents, such as incineration plants, sewage treatment plants or even investments in social infrastructure.” said Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, the president of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Polish national development bank. 

    One of the priority criteria in granting funds is the income of the local government per capita. Areas with the lowest incomes will have the best chance of financing.

    The mayor of Świdnik, Waldemar Jakson, lists the areas where money can flow. He thinks, among other things, about sewerage investments and housing.

    “The information network of the commune, i.e. 5G network, optical fibers. I think that is also very good for us.” said Jakson. 

    Applications may be submitted online via the application of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. This year, there will be two pilot programmes. The first one will start this month.












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