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    Vote of no-confidence fails

    The opposition’s attempt to dismiss Speaker of the Parliament Ryszard Terlecki and three government ministers, Michał Dworczyk, Jacek Sasin and Mariusz Kamiński, has failed. The ruling coalition managed to maintain a united front in the voting process and overcame the very narrow margin which grants it a parliamentary majority. The vote was preceded by an unusually heated debate.

    The United Coalition managed to retain majority in the Sejm partially thanks to the recent coalition with the Kukiz’15 movement. Politicians of the ruling party maintain that their majority is unthreatened, despite the internal turmoil of the ruling camp. 

    The closest parliamentary elections in Poland are to take place in 2023. At this point, the ruling Law and Justice party could count on the support of around 33%. The biggest opposition party Civic Platform has dropped to the third spot in the surveys with 15%, while Poland 2050 led by Szymon Hołownia is now second with 20%. 

    In the meantime, the opposition attempts to disrupt the current order of the parliament. So far, to no avail. 


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