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    Discovering Where to Watch Republika TV: A Guide for Viewers

    In both television and the online realm, the search for Republika TV is an endeavour worth undertaking. For the benefit of the readers, Republika TV’s team has crafted a concise guide to swiftly locate the Free Speech Zone television station. We encourage you to share this information with others! 

    Republika TV reaches approximately eight million viewers monthly. Presently, the channel boasts a 60% technical coverage nationwide, making it widely accessible. Republika TV can be viewed through major operators, local multiplexes, and online platforms.

    Republika TV commenced broadcasting on MUX L1 in Jelenia Góra and MUX L3 in Częstochowa, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, and Łódź. The L1 and L3 multiplexes are part of the Polish media group MWE Networks.

    Furthermore, Republika TV is available on MUX L4 in Wrocław and Świdnica on channel 27. This additional channel in Wrocław, within the L4 MUX, belongs to the Polish company MWE. Republika TV is also accessible in Wrocław through BCast’s MUX.

    Republika TV is available through the following operators:

    • Polsat Box from package M – channel 67
    • Canal Plus from package Relaks+ – channel 64
    • UPC Polska, the channel is accessible from the Max package. EPG Position: 29 or 340 (depending on the decoder type)
    • Play customers can watch TV Republika with at least the Max and Info package, EPG Position: 209
    • Orange from the Standard package – channel 28
    • Vectra from the Złoty package – channel 824
    • Netia from package M – channel 104
    • Toya from the Bogaty package – channel 630

    Republika TV can also be viewed on local MUXes:

    • Local MUX TVS Katowice Kosztowy
    • Local B-cast MUXes: Warsaw, Tricity, Wrocław

    And a final piece of information: The entire Silesia, Małopolska up to the borders of Krakow, and part of Opole Silesia on MUX L2 in HD, DVBT2 standard – already activated!

    Video content from Republika TV is regularly published on its YouTube channel and other social media platforms. Stay tuned and keep exploring the diverse broadcasting avenues of Republika TV!


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