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    Is the EU climate policy ineffective? Sakiewicz: “Europe acts the giddy goat”

    – If we close our factories, which are relatively economical in terms of CO2 emissions, and start importing products from countries that do not care about these issues, we will only increase emissions, apart from the fact that we will be moving backward in terms of civilization and economy. Action should be taken globally here. Actions concerning only Europe are ineffective – said editor-in-chief Tomasz Sakiewicz.

    The Executive Vice-President of the European Commission (EC) for the Green Deal, Frans Timmermans, presented in mid-July a draft climate package “Fit for 55”, which according to him is to be a “fair” tool in the fight against the “terrible consequences of climate change”.


    The draft envisages an accelerated reduction in CO2 emissions from the 40% target already in place to 55% in 2030. “Eight of the 12 proposals are extensions of legislation already existing. But there are also completely new proposals because we see that in some areas our policy has not worked,” explained Frans Timmermans.


    Tomasz Sakiewicz, editor-in-chief of “Gazeta Polska”, commented on the climate package on TVP Info. In his opinion, a complete transition of the energy sector to renewable energy sources required several dozen or so years and huge investments.


    – This type of power supply can only be a supplement, for the time being, it will not be able to replace the main coal or gas power plants. I have the impression that Europe is doing a fool’s errand by demanding nothing from China and other great powers that do nothing about it. Europe drives its economy into a state of collapse, and such actions will increase CO2 emissions shortly. It’s just that all of Europe will be importing products from countries that do not care about emissions – assessed Sakiewicz.


    The editor-in-chief of “GP” adds that such actions proposed by the European Commission “will not lead to any climate protection”.


    – Action needs to be taken globally here because those concerning Europe are ineffective – he pointed out.

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