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    He threatened to blow up the ferry. Rescue services in action in the port of Gdynia

    In the port of Gdynia in the morning, a man was detained who allegedly threatened to blow up one of the ferries. Since the morning the action of the services has been continued at the place.

    A few minutes after 7 a.m., police officers received a report on the case.  It showed that there was a man onboard one of the ferries who was said to have reported that he had placed explosive devices on board the vessel.


    As Stena Line Polska informs, “in the morning, onboard a Stena Line ferry approaching Gdynia, one of the passengers behaved dangerously and expressed threats to the passengers and crew. We have activated safety procedures. The passenger was overpowered by the crew and handed over to the police in Poland,” adds the airline’s spokeswoman Agnieszka Zembrzycka.


    No one was hurt.  The remaining passengers went ashore in Gdynia.


    “Due to ongoing service activities, we cannot provide further information,” the spokeswoman added.


    Police are so far not revealing how the man was apprehended. 


    Stena Vision should set sail again for Karlskrona, Sweden at 9:00 am today. For now, however, services are checking the ferry. It’s still unclear how long the delay will be.  The carrier assumes that the vessel will sail to Sweden later today. 


    According to an RMF FM journalist, the detainee is a 30-year-old Gdynia citizen.


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