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    The more people earn, the more investments there are

    Investments and construction are the locomotives that pull the economy forward, according to Statistics Poland. As a result, housing is already better off than it was before the epidemic. Developers start more investments because Poles report high demand for them.

    “It has been a long time since the outlook for the coming quarters in the residential sector was so good,” says Michał Cebula, CEO of HRE Think Tank in an interview for “Gazeta Polska Daily”. This is further evidence that the economy is recovering quickly.


    “At the moment, the GDP dynamics in Poland may even reach a double-digit level. All the engines of the economy are behind it. Already today, we are observing a dynamic recovery in consumption, an increase in investments, production, and exports. This has an impact on Poles’ salaries and their optimism,” notes president Cebula.


    The recovery is particularly strong in the area of residential construction, which has experienced an unprecedented acceleration.


    Developers start the largest number of investments in history because Poles report high demand for them.


    “Countrymen’s salaries have risen significantly, more than housing prices, and loans have become much cheaper,” points out Cebula.


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