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    Medicover continues investment in sports offer and develops Medicover Sport brand

    Medicover has been intensively developing its strategy of a holistic approach to health, combining medicine and sport for several years. The company opens new sports clubs and develops its offer in the area of preventive health care.

    Investments in sports clubs and the expansion of the offer with new services are the main elements of the strategy, which involves building a strong position for Medicover in the area of sport. The company has been aggressively expanding into integrated medicine for several years and is committed to a holistic approach to health. Currently Medicover, in addition to providing comprehensive health services, focuses on integrated healthcare.


    “We follow the World Health Organization’s definition that a healthy lifestyle is >>a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being<<. Therefore, our treatment is about restoring balance to the entire human body, not just treating a specific area," says Artur Białkowski, Managing Director for Business Services, Member of the Medicover Management Board.


    Physical activity is one of the most important elements of the concept of “healthy lifestyle”, which is why the Medicover Sport offer is becoming an increasingly popular employee benefit.  Customers can take advantage of sports, medical and sports packages and online packages.  The offer is varied and adjusted to individual preferences. 


    Sports packages allow you to choose the type and frequency of sports or leisure activities and carry out this plan in any of the 4.5 thousand Medicover Sport partner facilities in Poland. In the case of the medical and sports package, users also receive continuous access to medical care. Online packages, on the other hand, allow consultations with specialists in many fields, give access to online pieces of training and offer substantive support without leaving home.


    The first key investment on the company’s development path was the acquisition of sports package operator OK System. In addition, Medicover continues to grow its business through further acquisitions of selected fitness club chains. Currently, Medicover Poland owns 20 Fitness World clubs and 3 Holmes Place clubs in Poland, which was acquired through acquisitions. In addition, Medicover is franchising 10 Calypso clubs and will have had a total of 12 clubs by the end of the summer.


    This has helped to build a broad offering. Soon, the company plans to develop it further and expand access to health and wellbeing services.


    “With the reopening of the sports clubs, we have restored the full scope of Medicover Sport.  Our qualified staff supports clients in choosing the type of classes and their intensity. We realize that people who have undergone COVID-19 and after a long break from physical activity also benefit from our services. Our experienced fitness trainers and coaches have been specially trained in this field. We are open and ready to welcome our gym customers. Sport is good for you, but we would like to stress that if you have any doubts, you should consult a doctor before you start exercising,” explains Artur Białkowski.


    Today, Medicover Sport offers access to 4.5 thousand partner facilities – this includes sports clubs, gyms, swimming pools and centres adapted for training in many sports disciplines and organisation of classes such as Yoga or Zumba. The customers can get acquainted with the current list of facilities by using the search engine available on the website: .


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