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    A street show in Izdebki! A party to the delight of drivers

    As the organizers of the Lotos Drift Show Izdebki 2021 say, drifting is the foundation of this event, even though the whole event develops every year.

    “Drifters who rode in the Drift Championship of Poland or the Drift Open series were able to ride and enjoy drifting on the mountain course after a full season. Annually, it started to grow on its own” – emphasizes the evolution of the event, the organizer of LOTOS Drift Show Izdebki 2021 Rafał Haznar.


    However, it is worth noting that the audience, apart from drift, will also have an opportunity to enjoy other attractions, such as racing simulators, monster trucks, supercars and an exhibition of classics.


    “This event is a combination of drifting practice, a car festival and a family picnic. You can bring a barbecue, a blanket and just ‘chill out’,” Haznar points out, adding that in his opinion, people enjoy that event because of the relaxed and picnic atmosphere. 


    “We have never done a competition here – for various reasons. First and foremost because this is supposed to be an entertaining event for the drivers as well, we want each of them to enjoy driving along such an unusual section” – he says


    On the route in Izdebki, we will see only 25 drivers selected from more than 130 entered drivers.


    “We have fleet limitations, plus the capacity of the course only allows us to do so. We want everyone to have a good time and that’s why the number of drivers is limited,” says Rafał Haznar.


    On the route we will see, among others, Kamil Lorenc, Artur Barszczowski, Bartosz Ostałowski, Karolina Pilarczyk and Budda.


    Information for fans:


    29 zlotys – this is the price for a two-day admission to the event. Children under 9 get in free. On the last day of the event, the organizer invites us to concerts. Among others, Mezo and Kubańczyk will perform.




    21.08. 2021 SATURDAY

    12:00 – 18:00 DRIFT SHOW SERIES


    22.08.2021 SUNDAY

                10:00 – 18:00 DRIFT SHOW SERIES

                18:00 – 20:00 CONCERTS OF MEZO, KUBANCZYK

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