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    The expedition “Jelcz in the Himalayas” has set off!

    They have 10,000 km ahead of them, through Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, all the way to Nepal! The expedition aims to commemorate the first great expedition organized by the Sudetes Mountaineering Club in 1979 to Annapurna South, in which three Himalayan climbers tragically lost their lives. The participant of that expedition, apart from Krzysztof Wielicki, was also Jerzy Pietrowicz.

    After more than 40 years since that expedition his son, Maciej Pietrowicz decided to commemorate his father and his colleagues, and also to commemorate all other expeditions to the Himalayas and Karakorum, which would not have taken place if not for the efforts of many brave drivers and their reliable Jelczs, which transported the expedition equipment.


    The expedition started on August 21 from the Market Square in Jelenia Góra.  Its main participants were Maciej Pietrowicz, organizer, Arkadiusz Peryga, driver and mechanic, and Ryszard Włoszczykowski, one of the participants in the historic expedition of 1979. 


    Dariusz Załuski, Himalayan mountaineer, filmmaker, author of mountain films awarded at many festivals, joined the expedition for part of the route.  On the way from Jelenia Góra, the members of the expedition stopped near Cracow to talk to RMF FM radio, the media patron of the expedition.


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