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    Home Alone – The Polish Phenomenon of Christmas Film Tradition

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    Explore the phenomenon of “Home Alone” in Poland – record-breaking viewership, viewer love, and the unique magic of the Christmas tradition. Immerse yourself in the comedy that captured the hearts of 4.5 million Poles and became an essential part of holiday preparations.

    In Poland, Christmas is not only a time for family gatherings but also a period when every television screen transforms into a magical gateway to a world of ketchup on macaroni and houses filled with closed eyes – this is precisely what “Home Alone” did to the hearts of Poles, becoming an essential part of our Christmas tradition.

    What is this film about?

    “Home Alone” is a family comedy directed by Chris Columbus, starring the young Macaulay Culkin. The plot revolves around Kevin being accidentally left by his family during their Christmas vacation. Without the knowledge of the adults, the boy must face two burglars, gaining a set of survival skills in the process.

    Record-breaking viewership

    Despite the years since its premiere in Poland, “Home Alone” has not lost any of its charm. On the contrary, the film broke viewership records in 2016, 24 years after its initial release. An impressive 4.5 million people tuned in, confirming the film’s status as a classic, mandatory viewing during the holiday season.

    Why do the Poles love it?

    There are several key reasons why “Home Alone” has captured the hearts of Poles and become an integral part of Christmas traditions. Firstly, the film is full of humor, and Kevin’s crazy adventures fit perfectly into the holiday atmosphere. Secondly, the universality of the theme – anyone who has ever felt left alone can identify with the protagonist. Furthermore, the combination of comedy, suspense, and a warm message makes the film appealing to viewers of all ages.

    Polish Love for Kevin

    “Home Alone” is not just a film; it’s a Christmas tradition that unites generations and brings laughter to our families for over three decades. The record viewership in Poland only confirms that this story has something magical that attracts us every year, like a magnet. Christmas without Kevin? For many Poles, it simply wouldn’t be the same.

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