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    Today’s the last warm day

    Sunday morning greeted us with sunshine, mostly in the east of the country. From the west, however, cloud cover will increase, there will be brief rain showers, and in the afternoon also thunderstorms – announced weather forecaster of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management Grazyna Dabrowska. “Sunday will be the last warm day,” she added.

    As weather forecaster Grazyna Dabrowska explained, the increase in clouds, and with it the appearance of rain showers and thunderstorms, is the effect of moving to Poland low over Germany.


    On Sunday the low zone will slowly move towards the centre and in the afternoon, it will cover most of central Poland except for the west.  “Thunderstorms in the southwest of the country could have up to 20 mm of rain and wind gusts could reach up to 80 km/h,” she reported.


    On Sunday, the coldest will be on the Coast, where the temperature is forecasted from 18 to 20 degrees C. In the rest of Poland from 21 to 26 degrees C in Lower and Upper Silesia.


    The next few days, especially Monday will bring heavy cloud cover, especially in the southern part of the country, she added. The temperature will reach a maximum of 21 degrees C. 


    “So far, the forecasts that we have through the end of next week indicate that this kind of aura will continue for a while,” she said. 


    “During the day, the temperature will be in the range of 20 degrees C, there will be some clouds, but there will also be clearances and brief rainfall and thunderstorms,” she added.


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