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    National Museum in Warsaw

    One of the largest and the oldest museums in Poland, magnificent collections of over 830,000 exhibits.

    The National Museum in Warsaw is popularly known as MNW (Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie). In the Museum there are collections from all eras, from antiquity to the present. There are many galleries, such as the Faras Gallery, Gallery of Medieval Art, Gallery of Old Art, the Art Gallery of 19th century, or the Polish Design Gallery. Masterpieces of Polish and world art are presented in thematic galleries.


    Inside the Faras Gallery, you can admire Europe’s largest collection of Nubian artifacts from the 8th to the 14th century and authentic 15th-century altars from various regions of Poland, Gothic sculptures or paintings for private prayer are housed in the Gallery of Medieval Art. 


    In the Gallery of Old Art, there are beautifully decorated furniture, textiles and crockery, and even the coat and coronation insignia of King Augustus III, whereas, in the Art Gallery of the 19th Century, you can admire the most outstanding works of Polish artists. An unquestionable attraction is the “Battle of Grunwald” by Jan Matejko. It is the largest Polish painting, whose canvas is nearly 40 m2 (4.26 x 9.87m).


    The Gallery of Polish Design features furniture, textiles, and domestic appliances, including models of once-popular models of TV and radio sets.


    For more information click here and visit the National Museum in Warsaw. 

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