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    The railway is the future of transport in Europe

    Further development of railway transport is crucial to maintain Poland’s high rate of economic growth – agreed experts during the Gdynia Forum Wizja Rozwoju. The special guest of the event was Krzysztof Mamiński, the CEO of PKP S.A., who became the Chairman of the International Union of Railways (UIC) on 8 July.

    “For many years railway transport has been undervalued and treated as a relic of the past. Meanwhile, current climate challenges, including the announcement of a plan to achieve zero emissions in the European Union by 2050, have given new impulse to railway development. Both experts and more and more conscious citizens know that trains are the most environmentally friendly means of transport – they produce over 3 times less CO2 than cars and 8 times less than planes”, noted Krzysztof Mamiński.


    The CEO of the Polish State Railways (PKP) participated in the panel “Directions of development of railway transport in Poland” within the fourth edition of the Forum Wizja Rozwoju in Gdynia.


    Krzysztof Mamiński emphasized that PKP successfully implements many investments aimed at the expansion or modernization of railway infrastructure and rolling stock.


    The Head of PKP also drew attention to the fact that modern railway stations are not only places where travelers are served, but also centers of culture and local activity. He pointed out that the courage to carry out ambitious, large-scale projects brings measurable results, after a difficult year for all carriers. The railway again records a significant increase in the number of passengers, even improving the results from before the pandemic.

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