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    Poland has a chance to become the hydrogen technology leader in Europe

    PKN ORLEN was the first fuel company in this part of Europe to declare the achievement of total carbon neutrality by 2050. As Grzegorz Jóźwiak, Director of Alternative fuels at PKN ORLEN, argued during the Forum Wizja Rozwoju, hydrogen is to constitute an optimal bridge in achieving zero emissions. Hence the company’s numerous investments in the acquisition and utilization of this raw material.

    The importance of hydrogen in Poland’s energy transformation and the development of innovative economic branches is confirmed by the fact that it was the subject of as many as two separate sessions during the 4th edition of the Forum Wizja Rozwoju in Gdynia – the largest economic event in northern Poland, which is a platform for exchanging opinions between representatives of state-owned companies, government institutions, and scientific centers.


    During the expert debate entitled “Can hydrogen economy become an important industry for Polish industry?” Grzegorz Jóźwiak, Director for Alternative Fuels at PKN ORLEN, assured that using this element will allow the company to build a competitive advantage in the international market.


    Hydrogen is a chemical element with versatile properties. Along with electromobility and 2nd generation biofuels, it is considered a fuel of the future that can lead to the achievement of European environmental goals.


    In the first stage of activities leading to the achievement of zero emissions in 2050, i.e., within the next decade, ORLEN Group intends to allocate over PLN 25 billion to the implementation of over 60 projects that will reduce its negative impact on the environment, open the company to new business models and strengthen the potential of the entire Polish economy.

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