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    UPDATE The additional medal for Róża Kozakowska. Oliwia Jabłońska with bronze medal

    Polish Paralympians do not cease to surprise us. Every day we receive information about further successes of our representation and this is not the end yet.

    Oliwia wins the third medal in the history of competing at the Paralympic Games! Today in the 400 metres freestyle (S10). Her time: 4:33. 20 seconds.

    If you haven’t seen the previous successes of our compatriots we invite you to read our previous reports from the Paralympics in Tokyo.

    UPDATE 14:00 GMT+2

    Róża Kozakowska with the second medal, but a silver one 

    What a ball-pushing contest that was (F32)!  First, Róża breaks the world record twice, the ball flying 7.37 meters and then Ukrainian Moskalenko springs into action and flips Róża, improving her record of 7.61 meters, winning gold.



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