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    eDO App and IC Solutions together for digital document authentication

    With the eDO App, an application developed by Polish Security Printing Works, IC Solutions is expanding its portfolio of digital document authentication and identity confirmation capabilities.

    The integration of the eDO App, which allows for digital document authentication through the electronic layer of the ID card, with solutions provided by IC Solutions opens up new possibilities for all eID cardholders. Strategic cooperation with IC Pen and Documind systems, digitizing among others medical records, production quality control and monitoring of electricity generation, transmission and sales gives new opportunities for digitalization and streamlining processes related to the circulation of documents.


    eDO App is a free application that allows eID cardholders to confirm their identity and authorize documents remotely. The number of users of the application is constantly growing – it is already over 850 thousand people. The eDO App makes it possible to remotely handle many issues in public administration (over 400 e-portals, among them: Patient’s Internet Account, Trusted Profile, ZUS Electronic Services Platform, Central Register and Information on Business Activity) and commercial services.


    IC Solutions is a Polish company that has developed the IC Pen system enabling digitisation and digital authorisation of documents. The solution uses digital pens, tablets, dedicated signature screens and document scanners.


    Thanks to such a broad work environment, the system is successfully used, among others, in the Silesian Centre for Heart Diseases in Zabrze, the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw, the University Clinical Centre in Gdansk, Enea S.A. customer service offices, during inspections carried out by Enea Operator or at Tauron Ekoenergia hydroelectric power plants, and even during observation missions organised by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. IC Solutions is also responsible for the creation of the Documind platform, which enables the integration of different methods of digital document authentication and their easy implementation in the organization.


    The guarantee of security and authenticity of the signed documents, using the eDO App and e-Document, combined with IC Solutions’ solutions, allows digitizing key processes in organizations, while preserving their legal validity. Thanks to the cooperation it is possible to move away from paper documentation, streamline processes and reduce costs resulting from the current paper circulation of documents in almost every process occurring in the organization.


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