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    90,000 apartments for rent will be built in Poland by 2028

    Currently, in Poland, the institutional lease offers 7.3 thousand apartments, of which 4 thousand are managed by PFR Nieruchomości (PFR Property). However, this market is growing rapidly. By 2028, 90,000 such rental units are expected to be built.

    The institutional lease was the subject of the panel “Lease with a view to the future – the importance of the lease market and prospects for its development”, which was held as part of the XXX Economic Forum in Karpacz.


    “On the institutional lease market there are professional investors, large companies with, not like average, small, dispersed investors 2-3 apartments, 100, 200 flats, and abroad a few or even tens of thousands of apartments,” said Dr. Adam Czerniak, an economist from the Warsaw School of Economics.


    The latest reports prove that in Poland 7.3 thousand apartments are offered in institutional lease. The biggest tycoon in this area is PFR Nieruchomości.


    “We offer 4,000 units as part of the Rental Housing Fund and the Development Housing Fund,” said Krystyna Wąchała-Malik, a member of the board of PFR Nieruchomości S.A.


    Despite the obstacles, the institutional lease market is developing dynamically.


    “According to the latest projections, the construction of 90,000 apartments for rent in Poland’s largest cities is already contracted by 2028,” said Dr. Adam Czerniak.

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