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    Here is the first ever installation of lamellar sun breakers with perovskite solar cells

    Lublin hosted a memorable event, as on 24 August the first-ever installation of sun breaker lamellas with perovskite cells was unveiled. 

    Saule Technologies, a Polish company developing flexible photovoltaic cells based on breakthrough perovskite technology, Somfy, a manufacturer of building automation and smart control systems, and Aliplast, a manufacturer of aluminium profile systems for the building industry, jointly presented an innovative facade supporting energy neutrality of buildings. Previously, the role of façade louvres was to protect the building from overcooling and overheating and to provide visual comfort to users, but now the installation will simultaneously serve to generate energy. Such a solution comprehensively reduces heating, air conditioning and building operating costs.


    This is, of course, one of many possible scenarios for the use of panels made with perovskites, because thanks to the versatility of this material the cells will be able to appear, where they could not appear so far – in places inaccessible for relatively delicate, heavy and fragile silicon cells on movable and immovable objects.


    These unique, flexible and resistant cells are created thanks to the idea of Olga Malinkiewicz – CTO and co-founder of Saule Technologies. It is the technology developed by Olga that makes it possible to use perovskites, as their occurrence in nature is extremely rare. However, it turns out that they can be relatively simple and cheap to produce – they have been created thanks to special printers, after which they can be applied to various substrates.

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