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    Poles will play for the bronze medal. Slovenia wins 3:1

    Today’s match was a real challenge for the Poles. Despite many efforts and challenges the Polish team failed to win today’s match and will fight tomorrow for the bronze medal.

    In the first set, it was the Poles who showed their skills and with a huge advantage (25:17) won this set. The Slovenian players had a lot of difficulty in getting the ball through the net, which cannot be said about our team. Jakub Kochanowski showed off with a beautiful series of serves. 
    The next sets, however, did not turn out to be lucky for us because in the second set, despite the extra time, we lost (32:30).  After this set Poles clearly lost the battle spirit and as a result, we lost the third set (25:16). 
    The most exciting was the last set since in overtime we could see the repeated joy and disappointment of Slovenia since each 2-point advantage was questioned by challenge, which each time turned out to be in favor of the Polish team.  Despite these few chances we eventually lost (37-35).


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