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    Bezczel is dead. The rapper was 37 years old

    Michał Banaszek, a rapper better known as Bezczel, has died. The musician was 37 years old.

    Step Records label wrote about Bezczel’s death:


    “Rest in peace, Michał [*]. Thank you for all the moments, not just the musical ones.  Forever in our hearts…”

    Banaszek was born on 18 January 1984 in Białystok.  Bezczel has been active on the music scene for several years. In 2007, he joined the Białystok band Fabuła, with which he recorded two albums: “Dzieło Sztuki” and “Made in 2”.


    Bezczel’s solo album “A.D.H.D.”, released by Proforma label, was a big success.  The album achieved gold status.  He has released a total of four solo albums, the most recent, “8 Bill”, in 2018.  He released his final track, “Żyć aż do bólu”(Living Until It Hurts – editor’s note) in 2020.


    Bezczel had health problems, more specifically, with his hearing.  He underwent implant surgery in 2013.  In 2019, due to ongoing problems, he was again hospitalized and underwent surgery. 


    The Step Records label wrote in a Facebook post that the immediate cause of death at this point was cardiac arrest.



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