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    The exhibition “Political Art”

    The exhibition “Political Art” is an attempt to deal with the problem of the new system of divisions in the political life of the West, which has come to the foreground in recent years in the public debate, inform the organizers of the exhibition. The exhibition is open to visitors until January 16, 2022, at the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.

    The works of the artists featured in this exhibition tell about the struggle for freedom, recall historical events and bring to life information that was erased or is being erased from public records.

    “Artists often pay a high price (they are personally attacked and even repressed) for testing the limits of tolerance and confronting political dogmas. Many of them are deprived of the possibility of functioning and recognition in the art world,” we read in the description of the exhibition.

    The exhibition is a response to the attempt to set trends and directions by concepts such as deplatforming, cancel culture, and culture of silence.

    As the exhibition organizers add, the works of the artists “shed light on the power mechanisms usually hidden from the public eye and teach how to confront such structures with truth, humor, and sarcasm”.

    The exhibition is intended only for adult viewers.


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